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National Data Cabling

CAT5e data cabling

Designed for data networks such as Ethernet to create high speed data transmission, internal as well as external (internet etc) .It is still a current and acceptable form of data cabling and is suitable for most business situations. 

CAT6 data cabling

Will support all the currently available data communication networks and will support Ethernet at twice the Mhz as Cat5e (Faster). CAT 6 data cabling also offers a higher level of insulation from electrical interference which can be very important in the Tech industry.

Fibre Optic Cabling

Fibre Optic Cabling is the fastest form of data transfer and is significantly more effective over longer distances than CAT5e or CAT6, as a result it is significantly more expensive. The core of the cable is glass and is surrounded by layers of protective elements, the cables outer layers are typically made from plastic to protect against interference. 

Patch Cabling

Patch cabling is simply connecting one device to another, routers, patch panels, switches and computers. Planning the correct network and likely progress (users) your business may require over the medium term is wise to avoid investing in equipment that has limited and non expandable limitations. Patch cabling performs significantly better than a wireless network as the connection is fixed and not prone to signaling issues.


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